You’re entrusting your most precious gift to us – your children – And we consider it an honor!


Your child will share a hostel room with five other students or, in the case of our extra-large hostel rooms, with eleven other students. All our spacious rooms are decorated and well-ventilated, equipped with fans, beds, tables and chairs as well as storage space. Hostels and bathrooms are cleaned daily.


From the time your child wakes until the time they lay their little head on their pillow at night, they are cared for and attended to by a loving, professional staff. Should they have a need in the middle of the night, one of our experienced, English speaking wardens are right there to assist. Of course, a certified nurse also resides on our campus, should her services be required. The campus is safe, secure and peaceful, surrounded by lush coconut plantations and rice fields. And for the serenity of all, we have a watchman stationed at the guard post, day and night, round the clock.


Your child will be enjoying delicious vegetarian, and non-vegetarian meals prepared in our brand new kitchen. Hygiene standards are maintained by the American staff and the menu has been designed by an Andhra professional who has dedicated her life to education and nutrition. Strictly vegetarian meals are always available, of course. For a complete menu, please visit our campus.


Supervised tuition is provided for our hostel students at no additional cost. This additional time of study will greatly enhance your child’s learning, but there is more to education than just books. That is why we have both a physical education director and activities coordinator on our staff. Students will be encouraged to participate in sports, games, nature-walks along the sea shore, discussions of life around the world with our international guests, among other unique opportunities.


Hostel Fees are Rs.60,500/- for the entire year. There are limited seats available if paid in full by May 1st. If you prefer partial payment plan, fees are Rs.5,500/- by May 1st plus Rs.5,500/- by November 1st.