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Our Goals

TO PROVIDE the highest standard of curriculum through a blending of Indian and American educational concepts.


TO EQUIP students to deal with issues of the global community through a course of study enhanced with multi-cultural elements.


TO PROMOTE the highest standards of self-discipline and character through emphasis on Biblically-based ethical and moral expectations.

Our Emblem

The Book

Represents the Word of Knowledge

The Candle

Represents the Light of the World

The Star

The Seal of King Solomon, that of Wisdom

Our Mission

“To Make His Name Known”

Our Vision

To provide exceptional education in the sub-continent through an international school with cross-cultural and international exchange programs.

Our Heritage

ONE WOMAN’S VISION transformed her community through three generations of faith and perseverance. A woman of courage and strength, Subbamma devoted her life to mirroring the love of Jesus. Project India Compassion Trust continues her legacy by providing education, health care, and spiritual care.

Our Commitment

To provide attention, love, and care for children entrusted to us in the spirit of Christ.

To provide help for the qualified underprivileged children through future scholarships.