The school bustled with excitement as students prepared their dance performances, fixed their fancy dresses, and hung hundreds of balloons on campus. At Riverside, we celebrated Children’s Day with a festive program full of dance numbers, songs, and touching speeches. From 2nd grade’s energetic action song to an incredible dance by 10th grade, all students joyfully celebrated this occasion.

Children’s Day is celebrated on November 14 in India, on the birthday of the first Prime Minister of India, Chacha Nehru. He loved children and saw in them the bright future of India. He is the “Uncle” of India’s Children.

At Riverside, we treasure the life of every child. We strive to love and care for them unconditionally, just as God does.

“Each one of you are very precious,” General Manager Joice told our students. “When I look at your face, when I enjoy your smile, when you talk to me, your presence always fills my heart. In our [Riverside staff’s] life, you are the gift of God.”

10th Class Kirthi addressed her peers with an inspiring speech.

“Friends, don’t underestimate your energy and power, just because you are kids. The success is not related with age.You will have to start work, as your destination is full of difficulties, and is tougher than it appears…Prepare yourself for the future. Make aim now, and fix your eyes on that aim. The future belongs to me and you.”

The Riverside staff is incredibly grateful to have a batch of students that are brilliant, creative, and outgoing. Children’s Day was a time to celebrate our students’ talent and inspire them to achieve great aspirations.