Journey Back To Riverside

Riverside School is not only a school, but has been a home for thousands of students over the past 20 years. For Jasmine, the Riverside Campus is deeply connected to her life journey. Starting in day care and attending all the way through 8th class, Jasmine found happiness at Riverside. Her happiest memories include playing with her classmates in the park on campus. “I remember fighting for the swing and running from my friend that was trying to put a caterpillar on me!” she says.

Jasmine went on to study science as well as get an English degree. Becoming a teacher was her life’s journey, inspired by her favorite reachers from Riverside, like Susan and Mathews Thankachan.

Jasmine returned as a Telugu teacher, and she loved seeing her students enjoy the same happy days that she once had in this very campus. Her love for God and for her students makes her a beloved teacher to all. She hopes to inspire her students to pursue teaching so they can also journey back to Riverside.