Leadership Training for Teachers & Pastors

One of the most fruitful times for Project India is every summer when American university and pastoral teams visit Mori to host conferences, youth outreach, and medical camps. Pastors Gerry and Kay Wilson from California hosted a 3 day pastors and wives conference on campus for more than 50 couples in ministry. International Principal Matt Sanders, provided training for Riverside teachers with the help of the Wilsons, Administrator Carly Hansen, and music teacher Annela Flores. The teachers and pastoral couples were excited to learn.

Subbamma Mission Hospital & Care Hospital Medical Outreach

An American nursing team from Simpson University, California partnered with doctors from Care Hospital to provide free medical camps in villages throughout East Godavari. The team consisted of registered nurses, nursing students, and doctors and lab technician from Care.Riverside students from 8th and 9th class served as translators for the American team. They provided wound care, blood pressure/blood sugar checks, consultation, and medication to over 1,000 patients over the course of 12 days. Their service was a blessing for individuals who don’t have the ability to receive routine medical care.  “Our team is set to do Kingdom work,” says nursing advisor Marvin Delgado, RN.

Manhood/Womanhood Seminars for Riverside Teens

Simpson University team and leadership team facilitated 3 seminars for the higher sections of Riverside School. They provided instruction to the young men and women on how to be morally correct, upstanding members of the community, and how to take care of their physical health. In each of the “Manhood” and “Womanhood” seminars, the students learned well and participated. We are proud to raise Riverside students to have dignity and integrity.


Youth Outreach in Local Churches

A team of Americans facilitated an engaging youth program under the leadership of Matthew Sanders, International Principal. They visited 7 local churches in East Godavari and taught moral stories to the children using music, skits, crafts, and games. Riverside students and teachers led alongside the team, and many Riverside students attended the program at their local churches.

The summer environment was one of great service, fellowship, and personal development for everyone involved.